SciTech Sales, LLC, represents the highest quality laboratory equipment. 

Your research is important!  Don't settle for less than the best.

SciTech represents various Manufacturers in

Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi and Florida.


"Simply the best equipment and customer service around." -- CDC, Atlanta

"Their expertise saved us a lot of time and money.  They only recommend what you need." -- Univ of Tennessee,  Memphis

"Always available when we need them...they install and train us on everything.  Thank you" -- Oak Ridge Nat'l Laboratory

"Helped us revise our freeze drying recipe.  Now we can do it ourselves." -- Georgia Institute of Technology

"Our Lab Washers have lasted 15 years without any major were right!" -- The Coca Cola Company

"The most sensitive Microplate Reader we've seen!  Thank you." -- Emory University

"Installed our washer within a week of delivery....thank you so much."  -- University of Alabama Birmingham


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Evaporators and Concentrators from:


Biological Safety Cabinets from:


SP Scientific's Advantage Plus Benchtop Tray Style Freeze Dryer

Lyophilizers from:

 COY Laboratory Products' Vinyl Anaerobic Chamber with Automatic Airlock

 Anaerobic/Hypoxic Chambers from:

 Laboratory Ovens and more from:

 Bethold's Mithras Multimode, Ultra Sensitve Microplate Reader

Microplate Readers from:

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