The VirTis AdVantage Plus XL benchtop lyophilizer is excellent  for R & D .  With the flexibility of shelf drying or flask drying, this unit will help you develop your product(s) faster giving you a "recipe" that will transfer to production style lyos with minimal modification.   

SciTech is proud to represent the freeze dryers offered by the clear leader in lyophilization,

 SP Scientific

SciTech represents both the VirTis and FTS lines.  Each have their own unique characteristics that may or may not apply to your application. 


SP Scientific offers a complete line of lyophilizers. 

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BenchTop Manifold or Shelf/Tray Freeze Dryers for Research 



                             Floor Manifold                 General Purpose Floral



Floor Model Tray/Pilot Lyophilizers



                 Clinical & Production


                 FTS Systems LyoStar Research & Development Tray Freeze Dryer