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E-Control Systems

Critical Systems and Equipment Monitoring 

Inspired by a growing need for more sophisticated monitoring of temperature and other critical points, E-Control Systems, Inc. has evolved into a full-service industrial and commercial application monitoring solution provider. E-Control Systems’ technical innovations have been driven by the desire to meet the ever-changing market needs and increasing regulatory requirements related to monitoring of food, drugs, manufacturing processes and controls (including FDA, The Joint Commission, AABB, GLP/GMP, FCC, and HACCP).


E-Control Systems INTELLISENSOR™ hardware is available in wireless or ZigBee® Personal Area Network (PAN) formats.

  • Large Easy to Read Displays - Always on!

  • Audible/Visual Alarm

  • Customizable Displays

  • Uses standard Alkaline batteries or optional power supply

  • Data logging

  FUSIONLIVE™ Software 

E-Control Systems FUSIONLIVE™ Software allow you to actively monitor your critical systems from your smart phone tablet or computer 24/7.

  • Web-Based Hosting Solution

  • Supports 21CFR Part 11 Compliance

  • Intuitive User Interface

  • Extensive reporting capabilities - over 20 reports available

  • Asset Management/Preventative Maintenance tracking

  • Track SOP Tasks and Upcoming Calibrations

  • Cloud Storage - Secure, with server redundancy and automatic backups

Switch seamlessly from your computer to your smart phone or tablet to monitor your systems at any time.  You are in control of your critical systems and equipment.  Whether you are in the office, at home or even at the ballet or a sports event, you can see what is going on right now.

Want to know more about E-Control Systems?

In summary, E-Control Systems is a safe, secure and reliable choice to monitor and protect your samples or products using cutting edge technology.  Call now or click below for a free consultation to see how E-Control Systems can help.

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