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Unrivaled Humidity and Temperature Control

40 Years of Temperature and Humidity Control Excellence

That's What We Call Stability

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Parameter Generation & Control

Walk-in Rooms and Room Conditioners

Precise Humidity and Temperature Control Systems are our Specialty

With more than 40 years of experience in the temperature and humidity control industry, Parameter specializes in providing innovative products and services for the packaging, textiles, agriculture, electronics, pharmaceutical and other industries. The Library of Congress entrusts Parameter products with safely storing priceless materials, including copies of the Gutenberg Bible and the Gettysburg Address. Our products continually surpass industry expectations and are reliable, durable, energy efficient, and cost-effective.


Parameter has long been on the cutting edge of innovation, creating a technique for precise temperature and humidity control that provides greater precision and energy efficiency for our customers and that no other equipment manufacturer has replicated.


We custom design equipment to our customers’ precise specifications, leading to the creation of chambers, rooms, and technologies that truly are innovative.


We offer innovative programs and opportunities that give our customers peace of mind, ensure that they’re getting the most from our equipment and offer them savings in both energy and expense.


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Parameter Generation & Controls delivers Industry-Specific Equipment and Services.

  • Pharmaceutical

  • Packaging

  • Textiles

  • Agriculture & Tobacco

  • Electronics

  • Universities and Preservation

  • Wood Products

  • Athletics

  • Automotive

  • Consumer Goods

  • Food and Beverage

  • Government

  • Neutraceuticals

  • Semiconductor

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Parameter Generation & Control

Walk-in Stability Chambers



The Parameter Stability Chambers feature our unique humidity control system that enables the user to attain unsurpassed levels of RH/temperature control and uniformity.

Parameter’s test chambers are designed to accurately produce the temperature and humidity conditions required for applications including stability studies, package testing, TAPPI, MIL-SPEC, and vapor transmission.

Stability Rooms | Walk-ins


  • Custom manufactured rooms or chambers to operate at your specific requirement at the size you need. Systems can automatically cycle conditions for running profiles.

  • Complete on-site installation anywhere in the world.

  • On-site start-up instruction.

  • PC-based monitoring systems come standard with each unit. System monitors temperature, relative humidity, saturation, and mechanical outputs.

  • Calibration and PM contracts.

PGC Conditioners

Horizontal or Vertical Conditioners

Can be retrofit to your existing Stability Room



Parameter’s humidity generating systems are unique. Humidifying, dehumidifying, heating, cooling, and circulation capabilities are all packaged in one self-contained unit. The conditioner is designed to produce very precise humidity and temperature control.

Since this generating unit is self- contained, it can be easily used to condition existing spaces, small walk-in rooms, and custom chambers. 

PGC Baths

50 Gallon Laboratory Bath


The wide-range laboratory bath can be used as a controlled constant-temperature bath or for circulating controlled temperature liquids through external apparatus such as condensers and water-jacketed devices.

This large volume bath consists of a bath compartment located above the controls and mechanical area.  The inner stainless steel shell (bath liner) is separated into the usable bath area with stainless steel shelf and the lower area that consists of the stainless steel cooling coil and the heater.

Uniformity is maintained in the bath area with a force circulator pump.  This pump is also used for pumping the fluid to an external apparatus if required.

PGC Stability Chambers
PGC Conditioners
PGC Stability Rooms
PGC Baths
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Parameter Generation & Controls


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Parameter’s services include expert installation, a unique training program, calibrations and validations, preventive maintenance contracts, unlimited free 24-hour emergency phone support and on-site assistance when necessary.

  • Our team of engineers can provide installation to get your system up and running.

  • We offer free training annually at our service and applications seminar.

  • We provide calibration services traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology, helping customers achieve the highest levels of measurement quality and productivity.

  • Our validation services group offers turn-key, cost-effective solutions for your validation and compliance needs

  • Parameter’s preventive maintenance contracts give our customers peace of mind. Our techs come to you periodically and thoroughly inspect your system.

  • No matter the time — day or night — a knowledgeable Parameter service representative can assist you by phone. By asking just a few questions, the service representative can usually identify the problem and propose a solution.

  • If an on-site service call is needed, we’ll come to you. With Parameter distributors located worldwide, our customers receive phone and on-site support no matter where they are.

  • If a replacement part is required, most parts are kept in stock – some even covering units built over 40 years ago- and a shipment will be made by the fastest means available.

Services Include:

  • Validation Services

  • Calibrations Services

  • Smart Pad

  • SmartLog

  • Warranty

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Parameter Generation & Controls

The Advantage

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The Two-Temperature Method

Parameter has perfected its innovative “two-temperature” method as a standard control process. 
This state-of-the-art process is unique to Parameter Generation & Controls — not available from other manufacturers — and offers our customers several benefits, including:

  • Extremely precise temperature and humidity control, as well as industry-leading chamber uniformity

  • No need for high-purity water

  • The elimination of service problems commonly associated with steam injection systems

  • Low energy costs — and low costs to own


The examples below show that PGC provides a very stable humidity control of ±0.2 to 0.5% even in high velocities of air up to 15,000 cubic feet per minute (425 cubic meters per minute). PGC utilizes this process for controlled areas of 2 cubic feet (57 liters) up to 45,000 cubic feet (1,275 cubic meters)

PGC Services
PGC Advantage
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