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Special Purpose Freeze Dryers
  SP Scientific LyoCapsule Freeze Dryer  

  • Unmatched process accuracy and reliability

  • Sophisticated instrumentation set 

  • Advanced cycle development and optimization feature 

  • Reliable hermetic compressors

  • Equipped with LyoS™ software

  • Controlled wall temperature to emulate other freeze dryer operating conditions

  • Great for small amount of API or high value API

  • Use to screen formulations


  • Accommodates up to seven (7) 20cc vials;

  • Can process 2 cc to 20 cc vials

  • Screen formulations for freeze drying feasibility without the use of large quantities of API

  • Determination of process robustness

  • Ensure that critical formulation collapse temperature is not exceeded during primary drying

  • Define proper shelf temperature and pressure selection for effective sublimation process

  • Plan process scale-up and troubleshoot issues often encountered in large commercial freeze dryers


Special Purpose

Freeze Dryer

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