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Anaerobic Chambers, Hypoxic Chambers & Glove Boxes

COY Laboratory Products Inc. offers an economical, easy to use line of research chambers. 

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Anaerobic Chambers

Coy Anaerobic Chambers eliminate oxygen to 0-5 parts per million (ppm) using a hydrogen gas mix (5% or less) reacting with a palladium catalyst to remove oxygen by forming a water molecule. A vacuum airlock is used to reduce oxygen levels prior to transfer of samples and tools in and out of the glove box. Access ports allow sample manipulation without ever exposing your samples to ambient conditions.

COY Vinyl Anaerobic Chamber

Coy Lab

Vinyl Anaerobic Chamber

Coy Lab

Gloveless Anaerobic Chamber

COY Gloveless Anaerobic Chamber

Coy Lab

Aluminum Rigid Anaerobic Chamber

COY Rigid Anaerobic Chamber

Coy Lab

Polymer Rigid Anaerobic Chamber

COY Polymer Rigid Anaerobic Chamber
COY Anaerobic Chambers

Hypoxic Chambers

When your research requires consistent atmospheric control to maintain hypoxia, normoxia, or hyperoxia, you can count on Coy’s Hypoxic Chambers. Easy to use and easy to customize, Coy’s complete line of glove boxes and cabinets allows you to maintain desired levels of O2, CO2, temperature, and humidity in either cell and tissue culture or animal applications.

COY O2 Control InVivo Glove Box

Coy Lab

O2 Control InVivo Glove Box

For Animal Studies

Coy Lab

O2 Control InVitro Glove Box

For Tissue Culture

COY O2 Control InVitro Glove Box
COY O2 Control InVivo Cabinet

Coy Lab

O2 Control InVivo Cabinet

For Animal Studies

Coy Lab

O2 Control InVitro Cabinet

For Tissue Culture

COY O2 Control InVitro Cabinet
COY Hypoxic Chambers
COY Basic Glove Boxes

Basic Glove Boxes

Basic glove boxes are an economical way to perform and maintain a wide range of atmospheres and functions, including use as a dry glove box, inert gas or nitrogen glove box. The base unit is a manual system however over 20 different options are available to configure the unit into your specific glove box need.

COY Basis Vinyl Glove Box

Coy Lab

Basic Glove Boxes

COY Basic Aluminum Glove Box

New from Coy Lab!

Quick Change Cuffs

Change your vinyl anaerobic chamber gloves in less than 30 seconds!

Time is your lab’s most valuable commodity and Coy Labs is always looking for ways to minimize your anaerobic chamber maintenance. We introduce the latest innovation for the most cited anaerobic chamber in the world: the Quick Change Cuff (QCC) system for the Coy Vinyl Anaerobic Chambers.

What use to be a 20-30 minute exchange is now ≤ 30 seconds with the QCC.




  • Significant gas savings as damaged gloves are readily exchanged

  • Appropriate size gloves are quickly exchange for any size user.

COY Accessories
COY Humidity Control Chamber

Coy Lab Options and Accessories

Coy Lab offers many options and accessories to make your research easier.  From airlocks and incubators to atmosphere and humidity control, just ask and we'll show you the best configuration for your application.  Coy will also make custom cabinets to order.

Forced Air Incubators

Coy Lab

Options and Accessories

Anaerobic Monitor (CAM-12)
Coy Hydrogen Sulfide Removal Column
Animal Filtration System
COY Atmosphere Filter System
COY Compact Dehumidifier
Anaerobic Gas Infuser
COY Automatic Airlocks

Humidity Control Chambers

Humidity Control Chambers allow the user to control humidity levels above and below ambient conditions. All units are equipped with the latest in Humidity Sensor technology with PID control and your choice of a Desiccant Drying System or a Dry Gas Purge System and ultra sonic humidification System.

Coy Lab

Humidity Control Chamber

COY News
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