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Small Pilot Lyophilizers
  SP Scientific VirTis Genesis  

  • Compact, freestanding mobile design

  • Easy scale up from the Genesis to full production

  • Choice of control strategies/systems

  • Precise vacuum level control

  • Ability to backfill with inert gas

  • Clean room configurations available

  • Easy defrost condenser with quick turnaround time

  • Front-facing vacuum pump allows easy monitoring and maintenance

  • 316 SS shelf design with optional stoppering ram


  • Configure the system to meet your needs. Choice of refrigeration, control and shelf and condenser configurations allows for simple to complex systems custom configured to meet your particular needs.

  • Ease of scale up

  • Manifold or tray type drying with side mount manifold system

  • Easy install, requires standard laboratory utilities

  • Accommodate a wide array of products with shelf temperature to -70C and condenser to -85C

  • Isolator or clean room options available



Small Pilot Style  Lyophilizer

What is the difference between the Genesis and the LyoStar4?
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