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Small Pilot Lyophilizers
SP Scientific FTS LyoStar4

  • SMART Freeze-Dryer Technology helps automate and shorten the development of freeze-drying cycles

  • Delivers product information that has previously been unavailable during a cycle - dried layer resistance, heat flow and mass transfer

  • Designed to facilitate scale up by maximizing features in common with well-designed commercial systems

  • Configured with superior instrumentation for complete process information - isolation valve, capacitance manometers, Pirani gauge, 16 thermocouples, Allen Bradley PLC

  • Available with 21 CFR Part 11 compliant software and full validation packages


  • Substantially decrease cycle development time and conserves valuable API

  • Delivers increased process information such as how different freezing protocols impact cake resistance

  • More easily transfer cycles to larger systems

  • Maximizes process control, repeatablility

  • Meets even the most stringent QA requirements

LYOSTAR 4 (2022)a.jpg

Small Pilot Style  Lyophilizer

What is the difference between the Genesis and the LyoStar4?
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