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Comparison between the Manifold and Shelf Style Freeze Dryers

Manifold Style Freeze Dryer
  • Samples placed in special Freeze Drying Flasks

  • Samples must be frozen in ultra low temp freezer

  • No heat control, warmed by ambient air in the room

  • Can add samples at any time with minimal chance of cross contamination

Benchtop Pro

Bench Top Manifold Style Freeze Dryer for Research Applications

Freeze drying flasks are specially designed to withstand low vaccum.

Freezemobile Manifold Freeze Dryer

Console (free standing) manifold style freeze dryer for multiple users.

Manifolds come in several styles.  T-Type (above left), Vertical (above right) and Drum style (below).

Shelf Style Freeze Dryer
  • Samples placed in trays

  • Unit will freeze samples as part of process

  • Heating controlled by shelves

  • Cannot add samples during the run

Samples are placed in trays and the trays are then put on the shelves inside the freeze dryer.

Shelf style freeze dryers come in various sizes.  The bench top (above), the small pilot scale (right) and large pilot scale (below).

The shelf style dryers also come in standard (left) and cleanroom versions (right and below).  The lyophilizer below is a production freeze dryer.  They can be the size of a room.

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